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The chequered past of the financial-services sector is well-known. 
Now, in 2010, nearly every citizen in the world is still feeling the impact of that past.

The actions of a relative few in the financial-services sector have created long-term negative effects.

The Present Context
When an industry undergoes major change like this, the concept of "solid" changes. People need proof of solid business practices. We are optimistic about United Trust as a young company. (We started officially in 2006.) We believe in our ability to provide value-added service. Every key member of the United Trust team has meaningful experience in financial contexts. Each colleague has been selected on the basis of performance.  

Your Future  
Whether you are an individual of means or a decision-maker in charge of the assets of others, we invite you to talk with us. Find out how our history and experience benefits you.

Lifting Service Standards
For 2010 and beyond, our vision is to continue to lift industry standards. This is to benefit those who rely on the financial services industry.

We've organized United Trust around this single goal.
Explore the benefits of United's services:
Corporate services;
Trust & private wealth services;
Fund services;
Enviromental markets;
Risk Management

Our mission at United Trust is to contribute financial knowledge, commitment, and foresight to clients–all in service to transacting solid business. In living our mission, United Trust maintains a policy of working transparently with all involved in the process. We're committed to acting in our clients' interests. We choose to do business in safe jurisdictions only. And maintaining small teams helps us render service more personally. United Trust has structured financial services so they're integrated; this gives clients easier access. When it comes to complexity, we innovate with new solutions whenever needed. And in terms of the broader community and society, we support individuals in taking social responsibility.

We urge clients to expect this of their providers. And this is how United Trust expects to be recognized. It is commitments like these that drive our service standard.

Governance, to United Trust, is the continuous process of aligning the interests of all our stakeholders. Our international board of directors sets the goals—and the key values—of our company. The board is also responsible for the operational structure of United Trust. United Trust’s international board of directors is composed of financial-service-industry professionals. These board members are selected on the basis of their profound knowledge of their specialisations; on their proven capacities as senior-level advisors; and on their extensive international business experience.

United Trust employs hand-selected, seasoned local management; these are individuals with experience as entrepreneurs. Together, they make up local boards that report directly to our international directors. A well-qualified international board of directors, like-minded local management—these are the governance arrangements that we believe contribute to doing business transparently.

Представители организации:
Alex Smotlak
Natalia Bukhonova

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1st Floor, 32 Wigmore Street 
London W1U 2RP 
United Kingdom


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