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Larissa Henke Architects offers innovative architecture solutions and design consultancy.

Our goal is to design contemporary compositions for real estate that are tailored to our client's needs. The company philosophy is best summarised by our expression Voguish Harmonisation. LHA develops and customises architectural layouts, under the remit of achieving functional, technical and regulatory requirements.

Our experience in diverse scales of projects and locations provide our clients with the security of satisfaction. LHA also offers consultancy on product and concept design. Our clients are provided with on hand expertise from artists and engineers to ensure that they can target their markets and be distinctive.

Larissa Henke is the founding director of LHA and originally studied at the Faculty of Architecture TU-Berlin, Germany. She furthered her design experience at the University of Architecture and Engineering in St.Petersburg, Russia and also studied in London, England. Larissa is a registered architect with the British Architectural Registration Board (ARB). Before forming LHA Larissa was part of: Zaha Hadid Architects in London (2005) RMJM in London (2006) and SOM in London (2007). Larissa is a fluent English, German and Russian speaker.

Larissa has been involved in numerous winning international architecture competition designs, such as; The Dancing Towers (Dubai), Olympijsky Business Centre (Moscow), Dubai Opera House (Dubai) and Transport Museum (Scotland). She is also a common proponent in furniture, interior and jewelry design circles. Managing Director James Brittle studied engineering at the University of Durham, England. He has previously worked for IBM in the South of England and five years for CHP Consulting a specialist in Accountancy and Management in London.

Представитель организации:
Larissa Henke

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143 Holland Park Avenue 
London, United Kingdom W11 4UT


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+44079 367 9303

+44079 367 9303

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