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Our business is founded on personal relationships between our clients and private bankers who are the focal point for all our products and services.

Whether managing your investment portfolio or assisting in the structuring of your finances through financial planning, our banking culture ensures a business like approach to the management of your affairs. Together we can help create an individual strategy, which is based on confidence and discretion.

We are well known for providing a personal and customised service. We are also part of a large organisation – which means we have financial strength and substantial resources behind us. While we can offer you a comprehensive range of services, we acknowledge the fact that every individual requires a unique solution. So, once your private banker has gained a full understanding of your financial affairs, including your investment objectives and attitude to risk, a portfolio of investments can be constructed to meet your specific requirements.

Our Services.
SGPB Hambros provides a range of services.
To manage and protect their wealth, our clients need to understand the choices available and the risks involved. We believe our private bankers and investment experts can help with making the right choices as they have a clear appreciation of our clients’ investment needs and aspirations.

Private Banking.
To help you successfully manage your wealth, you need access to the expertise necessary to understand the choices available and the risks involved. You need the experience of market professionals who can offer financial advice and superior products. Not only that, you require guidance and advice from someone who has a clear appreciation of your investment needs and aspirations.

Investment Management.
To help us understand and analyse your objectives and produce investment recommendations for your portfolio, we use a sophisticated profiling process. As part of this process you will be asked to complete a questionnaire with your private banker. Your answers will be used to generate your strategic asset allocation report – the basis for your investment profile. We will then work with you and set about making specific choices for you – it’s the beginning of creating your investment portfolio.

Wealth Planning and Fiduciary.
The right plans, made now, to match precisely the needs you have, the needs you will have, even the needs you might have, could transform the future into something you can look forward to in more ways than one.

To complement the personal service you receive from your private banker, you can also keep track of your finances on the internet at any time. Our Private e-Banking service lets you access cash balances and movements, investment portfolios and the most recent strategy reports, as well as request everyday transactions such as money transfers, payments and term deposits.

Specialised Services.
Our specialised services are designed to meet your specific requirements and complement our commitment to providing solutions to a range of wealth management, investment and banking needs.

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