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RZB is the central institution of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group (RBG) and the core company of the RZB Group.

It considers Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as its home market and is one of the region's top-players. The merger with subsidiary Raiffeisen International Bank-Holding AG promises to secure the market position of the new Raiffeisen Bank International in the future as well.

RZB is the third-largest bank in Austria and one of the country's leading commercial and investment banks. It is headquartered in Vienna. Besides its strong presence in CEE, the Group is also represented with branches and offices in a number of international financial centres and in the growth markets of Asia.

The two companies are continuing to intensively pursue this merger. The valuation ratios of the units included in the merger were determined on 30 May 2010; the underlying results are confirmed by reports from two renowned auditing companies, which were appointed as independent experts by both parties. RZB, as Cembra's sole shareholder, will receive 30.7 shares of Raiffeisen Bank International for each Cembra share (Cembra is an indirectly-owned RZB subsidiary that holds RZB's stake in Raiffeisen International).

The final approvals for the transactions are scheduled to take place in the course of both companies' Annual General Meetings (RZB on 7 July 2010, Raiffeisen International on 8 July 2010). The merger is also still subject to the financial market authorities' approval.

RZB Austria London Branch your partner in the UK for business in Central and Eastern Europe, including Russia - where RZB is the largest foreign bank.
We have a City of London based treasury service specialising in the CEE and Russian markets and a corporate desk giving unrivalled access to CEE banking services via our network of over 3,000 branches across the region

From our offices in London we can offer:
A Corporate Business desk providing access to a range of CEE banking services including opening of local accounts in CEE, working capital finance, local & foreign currency finance, start up and acquisition finance, cash management/cash pooling, leasing, trade and project finance and investment products

A Capital Markets Bond desk offering fixed and floating rate bonds in all major currencies including specialist CEE paper as well as structured products. A Money Market Sales desk offering competitive rates on overnight and term deposits. A range of financing options including equity finance, stock and Repo agreements as well as local currency CEE assets. An introduction to a range of cash management, custody and nostro accounts in all major currencies including Roubles

An introduction to a range of CEE Fixed Income and Equity funds
We also have access to the vast wealth of research available in the RZB group on the exciting and rapidly developing markets of the CEE, including Russia.  We are your ideal partner if you are looking to expand into these markets

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