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Oracle Capital Group

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Oracle Capital Group is an independent group of companies offering wealth and investment management services, corporate finance advice as well as a full range of fiduciary, secretarial and property services.

We work with each client to reach such client’s individual goals, whether it is to achieve superior investment returns or to find and purchase the property of their dreams.

Investment Advisory Services
Oracle Capital Group provides investment advisory and investment management services to its clients through its Geneva arm.  Our structured investment advisory and management services are aimed at helping our clients achieve superior investment returns, whilst managing risk within an agreed tolerance. We are able to provide to each client specialist capital raising support, whether through external financing or internal capital.   
Corporate Services
Oracle Capital Group delivers efficient, flexible company formation and administration services with complete discretion.  We have particular expertise in strategic onshore and offshore jurisdictions. We also advise on set up and administration of private foundations and offshore trusts.

Property Services
Oracle Capital Group offers bespoke, full-scope property and relocation services to individuals and families wishing to purchase property in London, whether for investment purposes or private use. 

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8-11 Welbeck Way, 
London, W1G 9YL


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+440207 725 6900

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