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From Technology to Banking, Foods to Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Industry to Consumer Goods, clients receive an unrivalled resource from CET, the Region's most successful firm in its chosen fields.


25 of the world's largest 100 corporations have chosen CET as their advisor for business development and acquisition strategy in the Region.

An unparalleled history of closed deals reflects CET's understanding of these markets and of our transactional skills.

As financial advisor, CET has a series of record-breaking transactions to its credit - and we co-manage the largest private equity fund in Central Europe.

CET guides and assists its clients through a multi-stage process, from identifying strategic issues, to detailed planning and, critically, to implementation.

Bringing its deep knowledge of market and competitive conditions in Central and Eastern Europe, CET works with the client to evaluate strategic options and to design solutions for success.

In the business planning phase, CET applies analytical rigour and consulting methodology, together with extensive databases, in the many industries in which it has experience.

Every business needs continually to seek ways to improve operational efficiency. CET works with clients to implement organisational change in pursuit of revenue gains, expenditure control and value creation.

Where necessary CET provides a turn-key service: we build the local organisation; locate staff; set up sales and distribution and hand over a complete, revenue generating business.

Each of CET's corporate clients has long-established relationships with global consulting firms and investment banks that also offer services in Central and Eastern Europe.Yet, increasingly these clients are switching to CET. Why?
As this is our Region, there is single-minded determination to succeed with every assignment CET takes on. CET's founders and directors are personally responsible for every assignment. For all their professional excellence, the international consulting and investment banking houses (from which CET was formed), cannot say that success in Central and Eastern Europe is their top priority. No visiting foreigner, however well prepared, can see to the execution of a business venture as well as a professional fully immersed in the local community. CET's personnel are multi-lingual and bi-cultural, equally at ease negotiating and working with local management or government officials as conferring with the management of a multinational client or an international bank. The result is a track record of success for CET's clients which the competition cannot match.

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Jan Daumans

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56 Abingdon Road 
W8 6AP 
London UK


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+44020 73762577

+44020 73762577