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Understanding leads to results

Better Business international is an internationally based communication and language partner for the business sector. 
Our mission is to enhance our clients’ competitive power through improved cultural understanding, language skills and the accuracy of our translations.

BBi provides highly responsive and accurate support to our clients, from analysing a client’s requirement, to delivering the service that matches it. We achieve this through excellent leadership and by investing in the best available people and systems for each of the services we provide.

Clear communication 
Today’s business relationships depend more than ever on your company’s communication skills and intercultural understanding. 
Whether your daily challenge is writing e-mails to clients abroad, motivating an international workforce or negotiating with suppliers in another country, proficient communication skills are crucial for competitive power.

Our main areas of expertise are:

Intercultural understanding 
Courses, seminars and workshops designed to enhance the understanding for social rules in foreign cultures and thereby ease cooperation and communication.

Save time through effective meeting techniques, learn how to write good and convincing texts and how to establish a good presentation.

Language training 
Skilled trainers teach in their mother tongue in all European languages. Needs analysis and tests determine the specific needs of our clients. Intensive courses as well as training in groups.

Language test for recruitment 
Secures the proper language qualifications through online testing, telephone interviews and personal interviews Based on the EU language level scale.

Competent and experienced translators, translate in more than 30 different language combinations. Experience with many industries and business areas.

The international BBi organisation 
The BBi Group was established in Stockholm in 1986 and has today eight European offices from Helsinki to Glasgow and Copenhagen. In August 2008 BBi acquired the professional language training and translation firm Kielikanava OY, situated in Turku and also entered in cooperation with ISC Vertimai (a language training and translation firm) in Kaunas. Both ventures reflect BBi’s consistent strategy of

international expansion. BBi’s 5 main offices are located in: 
BBi Denmark, BBi Finland, BBi Norway, BBi UK, BBi Sweden

Представитель организации:
Douglas Harrison

Адрес в Шотландии:
16 Woodside Crescent
Glasgow G3 7UT

Электронная почта: 
Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

0141 332 4777
08700 940 959


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