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Elementis employs over 1,200 people at more than 30 locations in eight countries and is listed in the UK on the London Stock Exchange.

Key Financials

For the twelve months ended 31 December 2009 
£363.7 million  Profit before tax
£18.3 million  
Operating profit
£23.4 million  Earnings per share
2.8 pence before exceptional items 

Elementis Specialty Products is a leading producer of rheological control additives
Elementis Chromium is the world's largest producer of chromium chemicals
Elementis Surfactants is a producer of surface active ingredients

Strategy and values
The Elementis growth strategy is to transform the business into a leading global specialty chemicals company.

The Elementis growth strategy is to transform the business into a leading global specialty chemicals company. To achieve this goal, the Elementis management team and the businesses are targeting four key objectives: achieving step change improvement in financial performance; securing sector leadership in key markets; capturing inter-business synergies to achieve top-quartile excellence in all operations and processes; and the expansion of platforms to drive growth.

Elementis values
To understand our goals, we have a set of values that guide our behaviour so that we can be sure of achieving our growth strategy.

Commitment is our core value. Commitment means that we are all fully aligned behind our corporate objectives.

The way we go about our business is defined as bold. We believe in taking action and getting things done.

Specialty chemicals
Our products are specialty chemicals. This means we aim to achieve premium positioning in all our chosen markets, that we are value-driven and focused on delivering solutions to our customers.

The environment we create and the way we work can be described as progressive. It means we keep looking, and going, forward and that we embrace real change in the way we think about things and go about our business.

Outstanding performance
Our mission is to achieve outstanding performance.

Mutual growth
The basis on which we make decisions is mutual growth.

Maximising potential
The value that links all the others is maximising potential. We aim to identify, develop, and deliver the potential of people, technology and markets.

Corporate governance
As a company listed on the London Stock Exchange, Elementis plc is managed by a Board of Directors.

The Board comprises two executive and, including the Chairman, five non-executive directors all of which are considered to be independent. Each director has a vote and no individual or small group of individuals dominates the Board's decision making.

Reporting to the Board are audit, nomination and remuneration committees.
Audit Committee – terms of reference
Nomination Committee – terms of reference
Remuneration Committee – terms of reference 
Company Secretary
Business conduct and ethics
The Board has adopted and disseminated throughout the Group a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to promote honest, ethical and lawful conduct by all employees, officers and directors of the Group.

Представитель организации:
Mark Attride

Адрес в Великобритании: 
Wilkinson House Galway Road, 
Blackbushe Business Park 
Hampshire GU46 6GE 
Yateley UK


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