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Luther Pendragon has over 60 highly qualified consultants managing communications from corporate issues to public affairs, media relations, crisis communications and stakeholder management. Each of our clients has a bespoke Luther team designed to meet its needs.  We have no divisions or departments so we ensure that skills, knowledge and expertise are shared across the company to the benefit of all our clients.  

At Luther Pendragon we understand what makes a good story, how to break a story and how to manage one. We live and work with a 24/7 media, accessed in an increasing number of ways, and by more and more people.  The media is no longer just a newspaper, radio or the evening news. It is reaching out to more people through  social networks, free papers, pod-casting and blogging. From a mass market campaign to targeted communications aimed at reaching a small discrete group, Luther Pendragon has the ability to develop key messages and generate coverage in the appropriate outlets from the Financial Times to the trade press, and from mainstream broadcast news through to social networks and the blogosphere.

Luther Pendragon's approach to public affairs is based on an in-depth understanding of how policy is formed, combined with effective research skills and political intelligence.  With offices in London and Brussels, we equip our clients with facts, information and well-formed arguments, attuned to the objectives of the EU, the UK government and other key decision-makers. Luther draws on the experience of people who have worked across all three main political parties, the civil service and political advocacy groups. These individuals have been involved in direct campaigning, delivering Government messages, and helping organisations navigate across the political landscape. Luther Pendragon understands the dynamics at play in contemporary politics.  Our political awareness coupled with our campaigning prowess makes us indispensable experts.

Luther Pendragon has a wide range of experience of stakeholder and community engagement. The team has developed and impl major fundraising projects, re-launched a major charity brand and managed many stakeholder engagement initiatives. We work with a diverse range of third sector, charity, not-for-profit and social enterprise organisations in the UK and internationally. Luther’s work aims to maximise and integrate marketing, communications, campaigning and brand strategies, enabling organisations to develop inspiring levels of public awareness, exploit new fundraising opportunities, change public policy and practise and gain more support.

Luther Pendragon provides training programmes for a wide variety of needs from crisis management though to presentation skills and media training.  Using trainers with proven track records Luther is able to prepare clients for whatever communications challenge presents itself. Luther only offers highly-experienced trainers with outstanding capabilities and stature. Each client receives a tailored training package designed to meet individual requirements and maximise results and the return on their investment.  All our training programmes finish with an assessment element which allows continuous improvement of our offer.

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Gina Coldangelo

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