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Bordeaux Wine Investment

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Bordeaux Wine Investments Limited (BWI) was established in 1998 by Andy Lench following his success in the United States with his company Bordeaux Wine Locators.

There were many reasons for this development, the main ones being to gain access to the UK market where significant stocks of older vintages were to be found and the general recognition of London being the secondary market for Bordeaux fine wine. A key element to establishing BWI was to create a Company that is specifically aimed at establishing wine opportunities for private clients who seek to buy, collect, consume and invest in fine Bordeaux wines.

Andy Lench became interested and involved in wine over 25 years ago, particularly Bordeaux Wines and the classified growths which make up the predominance of the most appropriate wines for investing in.
Following this interest, Andy has established a highly successful business in the US which predominantly imports and sells classified Bordeaux wine together with wines of other French regions plus Italian, German and Spanish wines. This business includes En Primeur or wine futures from Bordeaux.

Given the success of the US business and enthused by his love of wine together with the benefits he has personally seen, Andy decided to establish a company in the UK to provide similar opportunities from a UK base. During the past 20-25 years Andy has monitored the significant growth in value of Bordeaux wines - both En Primeur and the older vintages. He has harnessed this growth in value with significant effect both personally and for private clients.

At the end of 2003, Andy was seeking to expand and develop BWI as the general market and appetite for wine was growing significantly. It provided an opportunity for Andy to work with his brother Robert, whom he appointed as Managing Director. Robert has built BWI significantly and the growth with private clients and turnover has been at a rate of over 22% per year since his appointment.

Robert had spent a 30 year career in the financial services industry during which he observed the vagaries private investors suffered as a result of investing in more recognised asset classes. This experience encompassed a range of financial services institutions, including as a main board director for a major firm of stockbrokers. During this career Robert observed the issues arising from the volatility evident in the more recognised investment asset classes and funds. At the same time, through a love of wine, developed with his brother, Robert observed the greater stability and unique opportunities arising from investing in wine. His background in financial services has been a key element in the growth and development of BWI and its range of services specifically directed to private clients.

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